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The UniversalMonitor is a warning system which monitors pump station activity in real time. The system is suitable for where the possibility of pump failure would leave your property at risk of flooding and/or damage. It is designed to alert the end user in a critical system condition and make accessible system data in real time via an online interface. The system is designed to work with all of our products, be it existing or new. You can choose from either a ‘LAN’ or ‘WiFi’ connection configuration.

The system is designed to monitor the following conditions;

  • Chamber/Sump water level
  • Pump cycles
  • Total pump run time
  • Installation, servicing and maintenance logs

The system will alert the end user in the following conditions;

  • A power failure to the UniversalMonitor
  • A high level situation in the chamber/sump
  • A change to normal pumping patterns
  • A service is due

The system data streams can be accessible via the following devices;

  • PC or laptop
  • Tablet
  • Mobile telephone

Key Features

  • Monitors water levels in real time
  • Tracks pump cycles and history
  • Alerts owners in case of pump or internet failure
  • Predicts time to flooding
  • Automatically identifies and alerts unusual
  • pump behaviour

Key Benefits

  • Quickly installed and commissioned
  • Allows owners and servicing teams to see water levels in real time
  • Automatic world-wide alerts in case of pump failure by SMS and autodialler
  • Gives owners and servicing teams an estimate to failure time
  • Alerts maintenance teams and owners when servicing is required
  • Reduces risks of flooding
  • Helps identify when pumps are nearing end of life

Technical Specifications

  • Temp range monitor housing +5°C to +40°C
  • Temp range sensor -5°C to +50°C
  • WIFI Stable WIFI required
  • Sensor measuring range Min 320mm- Max 3400mm
  • Maximum run from sensor to unit 50m
  • Sensor size 58mmx 48mmx 48mm
  • Alarm housing size 200mmx 66mm x 90mm
  • Sensor IP65
  • Alarm housing IP51

1Access real time data from foul and groundwater sumps from any internet connected device.

2Monitor pump cycles and water levels in real time.

3View historic cycle data across weeks, months and years.

4Worldwide alerts via SMS and autodialer when a problem is detected.

Download edincare installation guide.

-Download guide manual for Wireless Universal Monitor.

-Download guide manual for LAN Universal Monitor.

Video Demonstrations.

- View a video demonstration of Universal Monitor Flyby on Youtube.

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